Effective Tips And Tricks To Master LifeAfter

Are you looking for the most effective tips and tricks of LifeAfter that can help you to get the most out of the game?

LifeAfter is a survival game that has gained popularity and attracts millions of game lovers to try their survival gaming skills on this addictive game. The game offers lots of things to do, that keep the players glued to their device for hours, these include PvP city battles, Boss battles, events, and several other things.

Here, we are going to share some tips and tricks to master the game. So, go through them and start your game in the same way.

Tips And Tricks To Master Lifeafter

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Spend Skill Points Intelligently

It is very important to spend the skill points intelligently. Upgrading abilities requires spending dollar and skill points. In the early game, it is quite easier, but as you go level up, this cost increases massively. So, you must upgrade the right abilities to have proper use of skill points.

Don’t Waste Resources on Sandcastle Boss

The mystical creatures in LifeAfter exist in Sandcastle and autumn forest, where Sandcastle boss is highly powerful than autumn forest boss. So, it is not a good idea to use resources in fighting against Sandcastle boss, instead, you must fight with autumn forest boss.

Interact with NPCs

Interacting with NPCs on a daily basis can give you rewards which you can use to make your game stronger, these include treasure map, items, new dollar, etc. NPCs locations are identified with a blue dot on the mini-map.

Tips And Tricks To Master Lifeafter

Progress Through Newbie Quests

One of the best tips to play LifeAfter game is to follow your game path through the newbie quest chapters. When you complete these quests, you will be rewarded with some precious rewards.

Take ammo boxes and health packs in Miska University

Some players enter Miska University game mode without any preparation. So, if you want to play this game mode to fight with the gangs of zombies, you must have enough ammo boxes and health packs. The game mode has its ammo boxes, but in some places, it is required to use your ammo boxes, so be prepared for it.

Complete bounty quests

If you want to increase the abilities quickly, you must complete the daily bounty quests. It will enable you to get rewards such as crafting, gathering or combat mastery points. So, accept such quests and level up the abilities.

Tips And Tricks To Master Lifeafter

Sell items to earn a new dollar

One of the best ways to earn a new dollar is to sell your items to the merchant. For example, if you get infected blood of zombies, certificate, rusty keys and other items, simply sell this blood to a furniture shop manager to get a new dollar.

Complete daily events to earn gold bars

You can earn gold bars in LifeAfter through daily events. You just have to tap the daily option to check the latest events, such as Nancy city, camp pond, Miska University, and many others. Simply select these events and earn as many gold bars as you can.

Upgrade walls and doors

If you are in 7-days old camp, there are possibilities to be attacked by zombies periodically. So, at this point, it is very important to upgrade the walls and doors of the house. It means you have to craft the enhancement with the help of material bench and level up to increase the defense of the walls and doors.

Keep these tips in mind and start playing LifeAfter.