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How are you guys today? This is your favorite game reviewer here, and today we are going to review a brand new game which has taken the gaming world by storm. Yes, I’m talking about the very recent phenomenon in the mobile gaming niche, LifeAfter. Make no mistake, this is not going to be like those paid and biased promotion in the name of “review,” instead I am actually going to skin the game layer by layer to uncover every tiny detail in this article, so that you know what you can expect inside if you’re planning to try your hands on this game. So, without further ado, let’s get this started.


Gameplay review

So, what is this game all about? In one word, okay actually two, weird and interesting. First of all, you cannot put this game in a very particular niche, it’s a fascinating approach to combine different elements from several and create its own genre, kind of. Mostly this is a multiplayer role-playing type, but wait, it’s not your classic MMORPG, It has an FPS aspect too, and also it is heavily based on the PVE concept. And, at the same time, this game is all about “survival!” Didn’t I tell you guys that it’s going to be exciting! But wait for it, there’s more.

The game has been developed and marketed by the Chinese publisher NetEase which is a notable name in the gaming industry for their premium titles, like Diablo Immortal (jointly developed with “Blizzard”). The English version of LifeAfter, which we are talking about here, is a remarkable job unlike a few other titles recently released with cheesy translation.

Life After

Let’s talk a bit about the gameplay here. I’m not going to go through from start to finish describing every nook and corner of the game here, because it’s a mere review, not a storybook obviously; however, I’ll make sure to give you enough hint about what’s inside.

The game starts with a story of a world which has been almost devastated due to a virus outbreak, which apparently turns every living creature into, you guessed right, zombies. Agreed that there’s nothing very creative about this cliched concept in this post “Resident Evil” era, but there’s much more to it than just some ugly zombies.

Life After 2

First of all, I must mention the quality of the graphics and the overall fluidness of the gameplay. There was a time not many years ago when mobile gaming literally meant swiping your fingers through temple run or candy crush to kill boredom, and here we are today having titles like PubG, Fortnite or Call of Duty in our smartphones. Even professional mobile esports is a thing now, go figure! All these amazing advancements happened in just last 4-5 years with huge and rapid growth in mobile chip technology. The quality of graphics and framerate which were only exclusive to dedicated desktop gaming rigs, now we can experience almost similar features right in our mobile, thanks to graphics-oriented super-fast multi-core processors, efficient cooling technology and ever-decreasing FinFET process. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to imply that today’s smartphones can replace a desktop which has been built purposefully with gaming in mind, but who knows the future, right? Talking about this game, it’s an epitome of heavy graphics mobile games, and the developer did an excellent job here. PC quality graphics, fluid, and butter smooth control, seamless character motion, are just a few of aspects this game excels in, along with an exciting storyline. Provided you have a flagship phone with the latest chipset (or last year’s flagship chipset), you would get an immersive experience playing this game in the HD graphics settings with highest framerate possible.

Coming to the gameplay, it starts with a truck full of players (You and AI game bots, if you’re playing solo) running through the wilderness while getting attacked by a horde of zombies. Your fight starts here, you kill zombies as much as you can to save the truck. However, the truck gets crashed eventually (it’s scripted, you’ll crash, no matter what), and you wake up in the middle of the jungle. Here you can customize your character based on gender, face type, hair, clothing, etc. You get a pet dog too, and like yourself, you can customize your pet based on its breed, color, and collar. Your journey starts here, you get loots here and there, you get to build a safe house, and you get attacked by various types of human zombies and other creatures (you’ll see some dragon-like creatures too), monsters, etc. – you get the idea, right?

You can say, well, it sounds like not too much, we have already seen such games in plenty. And I can understand that because my thought was not very different once I heard of this game – boy, was I wrong! When it comes to gaming, It’s not about the concept, it was, is, and always will be about the very execution. There’s nothing new in any game if you think that way, every story has been told already. It’s how you’re telling the story what matters most, it’s about the twists, it’s about the finer details, it’s about how the game allows you to explore inside of itself. Try and see for yourself, I can foresee another PubG kind of success story is in the making. After all, it’s NetEase, and we know they don’t make shit.

How to play on PC

LifeAfter is a mobile game, it has no PC or MAC version released yet. However, like many mobile titles, there are workarounds to make it work in PC or MAC too, by making use of Android emulators.

Bluestacks: Playing LifeAfter with Bluestacks is easy as pie, the process is just the same as other games.

    • Download the apk file from a reliable source. You can use apkmirror or other apk hosting sites. Please note that if you’re using any third-party websites, make sure the site is safe and the file is virus and malware-free.
      Alternatively, you can directly install from Google play store inside Bluestacks, however, sometimes play store shows not-compatible device error. In that case, you have to source the apk file from a third-party site.

Life After with bluestacks

  • Now, import the apk file from your local drive into the Bluestack, click on it and wait till it installs there.
  • Once installed, you’re ready to start. Go to the app My Apps tab, click the game icon, and start playing.

MEMU Player: The process is the overall same like Bluestacks, just a bit easier.

  • Download the apk from any third-party site, as mentioned above. Again, take precaution not to download any infected apk.
  • Take the apk file into the MEMU interface, and a bit till you see the icon appears on the home tab.
  • Click on the icon and the game should start. Follow the instructions on the screen. It will download the data from the game server before you can play it actually, so have a bit patience here.

How to get the game on MAC

Installing LifeAfter in your MAC is a little complicated process compared to PC. Here you can use only MUMU Android emulator, not Bluestacks or any other emulators. Here’s the process below:

  • In your MAC, first, install the MUMU emulator.
  • Now, head to google and search LifeAfter apk and OBB file. Unlike PC, here you need both of the files, not only the apk.
  • Open the MUMU player, and put the apk file there, then install the same.
  • Now, go to app store in MUMU, and install a file explorer app from there.
  • Once installed, open the explorer, go to this directory Android > OBB, and make a new folder there – and, rename the new folder as com.netease.mrzhna
  • Open “shared folder” in the explorer app, locate the OBB file from your local drive (which you just downloaded along with apk file, at step 2), copy and paste it to the newly created folder at the previous step. Now, you’re all set to play the game in your MAC.

Possible errors in PC and MAC: When the first time you’re trying to play LifeAfter on PC or MAC, sometimes you will see some error messages which won’t let you past the error screen, hence playing wouldn’t be possible. There can be two types of errors, and here’s how to solve them.

Error message #1 – The server in your region is not open yet: Use a VPN to change your location to the nearest LifeAfter server location. Just google to search in which countries LifeAfter servers are located and select one which is your closest. Also, do not forget to change the language setting as per the server location country.

Error message #2 – You’re in a area where game is unavailable: Again, use a VPN like mentioned above. Or, you can wait some days for NetEase to release the game in your country.

System requirement for Android

Logo AndroidThough the minimum requirement is Android 4.0 to play this game in Android, you should not make any mistake thinking that you can play it in an Android few years old. It will be installed of course, but you won’t be able to play very much, due to the heavy graphics of this game. You will need a flagship processor (current year or previous year) based phone to enjoy the game fully. Recommended Android version is Oreo (minimum, Pie will be better), with 4 GB of RAM (minimum) and SD 845 processor (or equivalent).

System requirement for IOS

You can play LifeAfter in basically every handheld device Apple produces, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, provided you run iOS 9.0 minimum in the device.

Can you play LifeAfter in any other OS or device?

As of now, there’s no news of PS4 and Xbox support from NetEase, neither they announced any PC version of the game yet. However, the English version is fairly new and has been released in February this year. NetEase is actively developing this game, so it’s probably not very far away when a PC or Xbox version would be released if that’s in the pipeline of course.

Buying and trading

You can buy various items in the game both ways, either by money or by trading your existing inventory. Items like rare guns and armors are in huge demand, so you can easily tread them for gold bars. There are two places to trade inside the game, Trade Zones and Central Market. If you have joined a camp, you can trade items in the trade zone of that camp. To trade in Central Market, you don’t need to be in a camp; whether or not in a camp, you can always trade in the Central Market.

Frequently Asked Questions About Like After (FAQs)

Is the game available in my country?

LifeAfter has not been officially released in Europe region and Japan. So, if you belong to any place there, you’ll have to wait a few days. Or, alternatively, you can use VPN and change the system language of your device accordingly to be able to play the game.

Can I play the game in my 3 years old phone which is running Nougat now?

Theoretically, you can, as the minimum requirement is only Android 4.0. However, chances are the game will crash or it will lag so much that you won’t be able to play it efficiently. It’s recommended that you install the game on a phone which is 1-2 years old (if not of current years) with a decent processor (if not the latest flagship).

When will the PC/Xbox version be released?

There’s no news about that yet. You can use Android emulator on PC to play though, check above to know how to do that.

The game is showing an error, what to do?

First of all, if you’re from Europe or Japan, the game is not available in your country yet. You can overcome this issue with a VPN. Please check above for detailed instruction.

Is the game free to play?

Yes, but it’s freemium. Means, you can start playing the game without paying anything, but to buy various items or upgrade your weapons/guns/armors, you’ll have to buy them inside the game.